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There is a language that all humans innately understand, regardless of their culture, upbringing, belief system, spoken language and religion. It’s a language that rides on the whispers of the wind, hides in the glistening of light, and travels through the silence in between the words we speak.








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Beyond the language of words,
We can find the language of the soul

This language often communicates to us through our feelings and emotions. We find its resonance deep within ourselves.  The messages that come to us in this manner, most often are only received when we slow down enough on the outside to be able to get what’s happening on the inside. It speaks to us through what we usually refer to as our Intuition. And our intuition connects us to our multidimensionality.

sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry is a term used to describe the proportions, ratios and geometry of everything in creation, whether it be organic life, music, language, art, and even the cosmos itself.  At the very core the building blocks are all the same, following the same rules, repeating the same patterns.  The micro cosmos of an atom exists under the same laws as the macro cosmos in which our planets revolve. Everything is fractal.

Sacred geometry design can inspire us, motivate us, touch us and activate us to create our life the way we really want.  When we look at sacred geometry design we can feel deeply moved and its effects can ripple all the way to the core of our being and even activate the full potential of our DNA!  And thus we can use sacred geometry to express, relate and activate.

Personal Soul Portraits & Activations

Some people have the ability to access and receive information from places that are beyond the reach of most. The information is usually offered in the form of words. A Soul Portrait can be compared in that manner, with the difference that the information I access, I share in the form of sacred geometry; shapes, proportions and colors.  Your soul will intuitively understand the information I offer this way.

When I start a personal Soul Portrait for someone, I go within myself and look for resonance around the thought and visual of that person.  Once I feel a strong connection I start working with shapes and colors, guided by the the resonance that I feel.  Usually I do not know what it is going to look like until I am in the process of creation.  This process usually involves three to four different stages before I can bring in the final one and the full expression of your soul is revealed.


Almost always a flood of thoughts connected to that person will start pouring in while my picture of them becomes clearer.  Usually at the finish of the Soul Portrait I can express what I found in words as well.   I will offer you these insights  – a reading –  when I present to you your personal Soul Portrait.

Collective Activations

Most of my Collective Activations are expressions of large concepts that are current for all of us, or would serve us by deeper integration and understanding within ourselves.  “Prosperity” is an example, and so is Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, concepts that hold within them attributes that would greatly serve all of us if better understood and integrated in ourselves and the way we relate to each other.  By bringing these activations into our world, our homes and our spaces, we allow their energy to gently merge and support our experiences in our reality.

the art in

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Choose from over 40 different Activations – in print or as an oracle deck – to enjoy on a daily basis.

prints & cards
prints & cards
Perfect for any altar or wall, available with and without a hard back, these prints are vibrant, alive and UV coated!
oracle card deck
oracle card deck
Discover the language of your soul with this 44-card deck and160 page booklet with descriptions and instructions.

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