I Am attractive

Attraction is the power to evoke interest, pleasure, or desire. In physics, it refers to the electric or magnetic force between two oppositely charged entities that draw each other together. 

The Law of Attraction refers to the belief that our thoughts, feelings, and intentions are made of energy, and that we attract people and circumstances in our lives that are a vibrational match. The quantum field—the field of unlimited potential—is like an ocean of energy in wave form. When we launch a thought, feeling, or intent and it goes into this sea of unmanifested energy, the energy in this field responds by matching it. Then the energy changes from a wave to a particle, and particles are the building blocks of form and matter. These are the “mechanics” of how our thoughts, feelings, and intentions manifest into matter and become real in our lives. 

To understand the concept of attraction on a deeper level, we must consider so much more than the mere mechanics of how it works. Attractions have to do with need, desire, fascination, interest, and connection; and the desires of the heart can be very different from the desires of the mind. What and who we are attracted to on a physical level can be very different from what and who we are attracted to on a mental or emotional level. It is wise to pay attention to our attractions, as they can provide insight into the dynamics between our inner world and our outer manifestations. What we are attracted to often symbolizes something we feel we are lacking ourselves or want more of. The opposite can be true too: what we attract toward us often symbolizes what we embody and express out into the world. Both are significant in our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to others and the world.


The energy of Attraction amplifies the qualities that attract and support us on our journey toward inner balance and harmony. 



The yellow refers to a deep sense of self, inner power, and balance as well as all the aspects of light that serve as the source of our attraction. 

The purple refers to our connection to a higher power— to Source—which is crucial in our quest for completion: the more we feel connected to this higher power, the less we seek completion through our outer experiences. At the same time, people who are strongly anchored in their connection to Source are often very attractive to others because of their divine sense of inner peace, harmony, and balance. 

The various elements that are in patterns of six stand for love, harmony, and relationship, all components that are fundamental to our attraction to another. The number twelve is associated with the Divine. It is considered a creative number and signifies completion


Whether and how we are attracted to another can be based on a wide scale of factors. We can be drawn to someone for all the things we have in common with them, or we can be wildly attracted to someone for their eccentricity. We attract what serves our growth, and that is a lifelong process, with many changes, ups and downs, waxes and wanes, and inward and outward journeys. Hopefully, we attract those into our lives who support and inspire us, while we do the same for them. 


What are qualities in others that you find attractive? What are qualities that others find attractive in you? 

Can you see certain patterns of people who keep showing up? Do you find yourself being attracted to someone who is not good for you or is not who you really want? Perhaps there is a powerful lesson to learn there. If so, it is time to learn it—and move on.