All Activations are expressions of large concepts that are current for all of us and would serve us by deeper integration and understanding within ourselves.  PROSPERITY is an example, and so is AUTHORITY and ROMANTIC LOVE; concepts that hold within them attributes that would greatly serve all of us if better understood and integrated in ourselves and the way we relate to one another.








Collective Activations

Now that multidimentionality is rapidly saturating every layer of our reality, we need to define many concepts multidimensionally as well to include expanded attributes within the layers of the vibrational expression of these concepts. We are asked to fine-tune our awareness in order to receive this much more complex expression of reality.

Look at it this way: Imagine yourself as a radio receiver. You have to tune yourself to the frequency of the station that you want to receive. The better you are tuned into that signal—the more precisely you can match that frequency—the more clear the transmission is.

Everything is made of energy—you, the stuff around you, and even your thoughts and your emotions

The Activations may not mean much to your conscious, logical, and analytical mind. After all, they’re just a bunch of shapes, forms, and colors; there is really nothing conceptual to hold onto—no beautiful sceneries of nature; no endearing children or animals; no flowers, sunsets, or oceans. Not even something more elusive, like fairies and angels. Because the images have no direct association  in your conscious mind, your conscious mind can take a break…pause…relax; there is nothing to think here…

And then something magical happens. With the conscious mind no longer guarding our input and trying to make sense of what we see, the images can absorb into us, so that the subconscious mind can recognize the language that these images speak. Our soul speaks this language; it’s the language we are made of—the language of our cells, our DNA. And the way it communicates with us is through our intuition.

Activations bridge the outer world of the conscious mind and the inner world of the subconscious mind, activating parts of us that were previously hidden.

They activate our inner wisdom so we can think new thoughts, feel new emotions, and have new experiences—so we can change our state of being.  And from that vibrational way of being, we attract to us that which is aligned with our unique vibration; we create our own personal reality


For example:  The Activation PROSPERITY, supports our (feeling of) well-being by allowing the inclusion of everything that makes our body, our mind, our heart, our soul and our spirit sing, into our reality.  It is inviting us to express ourselves in joy and celebration of the abundance that the universe provides.

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Choose from over 40 different Activations – in print or as an oracle deck – to enjoy on a daily basis.

prints & cards
prints & cards
Perfect for any altar or wall, available with and without a hard back, these prints are vibrant, alive and UV coated!
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oracle card deck
Discover the language of your soul with this 44-card deck and160 page booklet with descriptions and instructions.

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