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BELIEF is one of the most powerful driving forces to motivate action and change.  Belief can be described as a state of mind when we think that something is true. Up till now it has been mostly our conscious mind that has been determining whether we belief something. If there is enough evidence – meaning logical and scientific facts – we consider something to be ‘true’ … and so we believe it.

In the new energy it is no longer enough to rely solely on our analytical and logical mind to determine any of this. Our world is rapidly being saturated with more and more multi-dimensional elements that require from us to change the way we think. Science has simple not caught on enough to provide our minds with sufficient evidence to make sense of the world of multi-dimensionality, so we will have to rely on other parts of ourselves to navigate through this new and exciting new world. It is time to include the truths that come from other part of our being besides our conscious mind. We are in the process of discovering how crucial our heart and our intuition are, and that they need to be considered as valuable as our mind in determining our beliefs. To flourish and thrive in this new energy as co-creational multi-dimensional human beings that are in control of their reality, it is essential that we believe we are. And that means that ‘self-worth’ is crucial. We have to believe without a shred of a doubt that we are powerful creators. Just how magic requires a deep and unwavering intent and conviction on the part of the magician, we have to believe that anything is possible … even the things that seem impossible or make no sense to our mind. An uncertain and questionable “abracadabra” will simply not do. Changing our reality starts with a deeply rooted belief that we CAN.

The color pink is associated with the universal love of oneself and others, sweetness, tenderness and care. Brighter pink brings in an aspect of aliveness, excitement, high energy and power.  The star in the middle can be a beacon of inspiration, indicating the connection to the Heavens and the Universe that are sourcing our beliefs. But if necessary the star can be used as a Shuriken – a throwing star – a precise and powerful weapon, indicating the power of our conviction that is sometimes necessary to blast our way through old ways of thinking.

The frequency of BELIEF supports our sense of self-worth, based on our gifts and talents, and based on a strong connection to Source.

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