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About Lon

The visionary Lon is a mindset coach, as well as a Nautilus Award-winning artist and author, recognized world-wide. 

Born and raised in Holland, she began her professional career after attending Art School working in the advertising and graphic-arts industry. What later began as a personal journey is now, not just her career, but her passion.

Lon’s personal guidance allows people to shift perspectives, to align their vision with their soul’s essence, and take back their life.

She uses SACRED GEOMETRY design to address large concepts that are the core of human experience. These images, in combination with her teachings and writing, inspire original thoughts and activate thinking beyond the everyday. 

Lon’s tool box includes sacred geometry products, ORACLE CARDS, mindset COACHING, oracle READINGS and an ONLINE-COURSE and BOOK called MODERN MERLIN.  She also offers WEB and GRAPHIC design that is vibrationally aligned with you and your vision.

Soul Portraits

Lon creates Soul Portraits to help reveal the her client's soul’s essence and purpose - a mirror of their soul, based Sacred Geometry, shapes, colors and symbology. Based on each individual’s energy, the Soul Portrait gives us the tools and insight to step into our highest expression of humanity.  

These resources are created to support and activate people toward reaching our full potential as human beings.

A Soul Portrait is a Mirror Of The Soul

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