I Am delighted

Delight literally means “from the light.”  Science refers to light as an electromagnetic radiation that we can measure in wavelengths and visible light as a range of wavelengths in variations of color that we can perceive with the human eye. In the new energy, we are asked to consider the multidimensional attributes of light as fundamental to what we believe about it as well. 

Light has a quantum attribute and is nonlinear. It is an energy that can be created through consciousness, and consciousness can create it in return. Light influences our awareness, our perception, and therefore, our reality. 

We associate the word delight with feelings of pleasure, joy, and happiness. Joy and bliss are considered to have some of the highest frequencies of all emotions; by feeling joyful or blissful, our frequency goes up. The higher our frequency, the more light we generate . . . and the more we can shine in return. 


The frequency of Delight supports our capacity to create and experience feelings of intense joy and happiness. The more delight we feel, the more delight we evoke in others.



The yellows, oranges, and pinks in the image refer to the sun as a symbol and source of our light. The beauty of the flower stimulates our feeling of joy, and the colors are like the sun: bright, warm, stimulating, and nurturing—all at the same time. The flower blooms while receiving light, or perhaps it is shining the light that we are receiving.

The Flower of Life visible within the image represents the grid on which our three-dimensional reality is based. 

The combination of reds and pinks brings a feeling of richness, love, and sensuality. Red is traditionally connected with love through its association with blood, fire, passion, the physical, sexuality, romance, lust, and heat. Pink brings in the softer sensations of love, like tenderness, kindness, sweetness, care, and gentleness. The brighter pink expresses aspects of aliveness, excitement, high energy, and power. 

Purple brings consciousness and connection to Source and self. 

The six pearl-like bubbles on the outskirts of the purple refer to the translucent clarity that emerges at the edges of our consciousness. The number six refers to relationship, connection, and harmony.


Close your eyes, go inside yourself, and imagine a beautiful sunset. Let the reds, oranges, pinks, and golds fill you heart. 

Now, think about what brings you joy—what makes you happy?

How do you express these feelings? How do you shine your light on others?

How can you create more joy in your daily life? Do you sing in the car or in the shower? Try it!