I Am infinitly expansive

Expression is what is made known or brought outward. In this new energy, many new avenues of expression are opening to us, as we are no longer restricted to three-dimensional planes. Our intentions and energy can be blended increasingly into everything we bring forth and out, giving rise to a new human being whose essence is merged with all aspects of earthly expressions. These expressions can happen along a range of planes, whether it’s the expression of our thoughts and feelings through language and art, or the use of our physical bodies to bring out our inner nature and intentions. We see this “new” freedom of expression reflected more and more in the world. There has been a noticeable expansion of how a person chooses to identify, whether that applies to gender and sexual orientation, or hairstyles, outfits, and jewelry. 

As we are bridging the worlds of matter and of spirit, our expressions become an interpretation of what our heart, mind, body, and soul wish to convey in everything that we do and are. Who we are spiritually can then be expressed as much as who we are mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our individuality is what makes us unique and invaluable to the Whole. 


The frequency of Expression supports our ability to bring out our true essence through many different forms of communication. 



The center refers to the Sacral Chakra. It is linked to our creativity, sexuality, and emotional world. Orange encourages movement and connection with others. It has a freeing effect on the body and mind; and it stimulates creative thinking, abundance, and success. 

The purples, indigos, and magentas are associated with the Third-Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra, representing our psychic, extrasensory abilities, as well as our (mysterious) connection to Source. 

The water in the background refers to the emotional plane and Divine Feminine, which is connected to the higher realms and Mother Earth, giving birth to life, ideas, expressions, and dreams. 

The diamond shape refers to the three-dimensional, form-based world. It also refers to Divine Masculine—one that is strong, focused, and directed yet conscious, gentle, and compassionate. 

The swirling lights on the periphery are the magical aspect of the journey—energetic beings in physical bodies, reminding us that there are many mysteries and unknowns that have yet to be revealed to us.


To feel that we can express ourselves completely and honestly, we need to feel safe to do so. Intimacy and closeness happen when we risk vulnerability. Expressing our thoughts and feelings risks misunderstanding and rejection, and is probably one of the scariest things we do. It is also one of the most powerful things we can do to create and grow closeness. 

Expressing ourselves openly, honestly, and courageously doesn’t mean that we have to say everything bluntly, as it comes to mind. When combined with wisdom, compassion, and discernment, our expressions can be of great value to the growth of all involved individually, as well as to the relationship itself.


When do you express yourself honestly, and when are you less honest? Are there certain people in your life with whom you express yourself more freely? What qualities do they possess that encourage you to do so? Do you think that others feel that they can express themselves honestly with you? How can you create a safe space for people to express themselves honestly with you? 

How do you express yourself? Are you good with spoken word? Writing? Perhaps you express yourself through art or music? How about your expression through your body—your appearance, clothes, makeup, accessories? 

Do you freely express yourself sexually? Do you express your needs and desires? Do you enjoy it when your partner does the same?