I Am kind

Kindness is the quality of being friendly and considerate, and also sweet, gentle, and generous. Kindness is a fundamental trait to human beings. Genuine kindness originates and flows from a heart that is open and able to give and receive love. There is almost nothing more valuable than an act of kindness—even a small one—for both the receiver and the giver. Kindness increases our sense of happiness, and that contributes to our overall health and well-being. 

Being kind is not hard to do, but doing so requires us being conscious of our own thoughts and behaviors, and being aware of how we treat and approach others. Ultimately, it has to do with how we feel in our own heart. When we feel connected to a bigger whole and a higher power, our heart is open. Universal and divine love can then flow through us and out into the world, to touch the hearts of others. 


The energy of Kindness reminds us to be considerate and wise in our interactions with others and ourselves, and to find the root of our love through our connection to Source.



The greens and blues refer to the Heart Chakra (green), as the center of our capacity to love, and the Throat Chakra (blue), as the center of our expression and communication. 

The core of the image is what could be considered the High Heart Chakra. The High Heart Chakra is not recognized as one of the major chakras, yet many consider it to be an important part of the energetic system. This eighth energy center is also known as the Thymus Chakra, because of its location at the thymus gland (between the throat and the heart). It’s the place where the energies of the heart and the throat come together. Sometimes it is referred to as the source of intent, as it brings together the emotions of the heart (through what we intend to say) and the expression of the throat (through the words we use). It plays a vital role in bridging higher consciousness and the physical world. 

The water in the background refers to the fluidity of the emotional world. 

The Flower of Life refers to the grid on which our form-based world is built. 

The purples in the center refer to our connection to the Universe and God, our ultimate source for love. 

Six stands for relationship, connection, and harmony, all of which thrive through kindness. 


Kindness in any kind of relationship is often undervalued. We sometimes get so absorbed in our lives and our own ups and downs that it is easy to reflect our inward turmoil in our outward behavior. It is then easy to neglect being kind and to take our inner disharmony out on the world. 

Being kind is not hard, but it needs our consciousness—we choose to be kind. For instance, we can choose to not judge one another. Even in the face of knowing that a better choice could be made in a situation, we can be supportive and offer gentle suggestions. We can choose to hold our tongue when it would be easy to say something that could hurt somebody’s heart, even if it is truthful. Truth does not always need to be expressed, and when it does, we can choose to find ways to express it with kindness, gentleness, and respect. Kindness touches the hearts of everyone involved, and anyone can practice kindness.


How are you kind? Are you aware of how you treat others? What about strangers who you know for only a moment? Is it as easy to be kind to a stranger as it is to your neighbor? Your boss? 

Contemplate the little acts of kindness that you can perform today that could make a huge difference in someone else’s life, as well as your own.