The frequency of ALCHEMY activates our magical ability and remembrance of the magic that we all hold inside. Each one of us has the potential to access the ancient knowledge that allowed the true Alchemist to perform the miracles of transmutation.


Alchemy usually refers to the process of transforming matter, particularly that from metal into gold. In a more esoteric sense, Alchemy has been associated with magical transformations that have to do with longevity. Magic is as real as we allow ourselves to believe, whether we aim to transform metal into gold or wish to find the secret to life itself—the immortality of the soul.

When we access the mysterious, subtle, and often undefined parts of ourselves that light us up, we get a taste of real magic. Love is one of the greatest, most mysterious and magical energies in the Universe. When love comes to us and we open our hearts to welcome it in, true Alchemy can work its magic on every aspect of our being.

In Tantric traditions, it is believed that when two people merge through not only their physical bodies but with all the energetic aspects of themselves aligned as well, they can reach states of consciousness that have powerful rejuvenating effects and can even open the door to immortality. These heightened states of consciousness can also be achieved by a single individual. The key either way is the intentional, directed, deep state of love that merges all dualistic aspects—the masculine and the feminine—with others and, ultimately, within ourselves.


Image Description

The Alchemy image shows how one becomes two—or is it the other way around? From the center (Source) spin the two aspects of masculine (left circle with the upward triangle) and feminine (right circle with the downward circle), representing the dualistic world of the physical plane. The bright orange represents the color of our sacral chakra which is linked to our sexuality, our connection with others, and its freeing effect on the body and mind. Purple and violet are representing our connection to the higher realms and Source, indicating that our consciousness is as much part of the merging as our physical bodies are. The large triangles refer to the union between the masculine and feminine, where the upward triangle represents the masculine, and the downward one the feminine. The number six (circles, light sources) represents harmony, love, and balance.

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