The frequency of ALLOWANCE invites us to be open to whatever comes our way—without judgment, without opinion, without fear, and without resistance. When we allow, the Universe becomes our partner in the wondrous dance of existence and expansion.


The Allowance image resembles the spirit of the joker, the jester, or the fool; the embodiment of the infinite spirit within; the unbounded, fearless essence of expanded possibility—with very little regard for conventionality or rules. Disguised as the fool, the jester is oftentimes the bearer of unwanted truth—messages that are feared yet needed for evolution and growth. Allowance is the polar opposite of resistance.


Sometimes the things we resist the most are the trials—the hidden treasures—that lead to growth and evolution. The Allowance image bears a certain resemblance to the butterfly as well—a reference to the process of transformation and unfolding. Meanwhile, the shiny pearls seem to vibrate with songs that come from deep within a mysterious other world; and the vast green waters indicate the deep connection to the heart and the realm of feelings and emotions. The square reminds us that reality is more of a multilayered experience than an objective absolute.

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