The frequency of CHANGE supports our ability to gracefully dance with the forever-changing nature of reality—both inward and outward—so that we can appreciate the sweet release of the old and the birth of the new.


Change is the only constant we can count on. Like the seasons, everything comes and goes in cycles—the ebb and flow, the day and night, the death and rebirth. Good times are followed by challenging times, followed by weird times, followed by ecstatic times; nothing stays the same for long. Life itself demands movement and change to perpetuate itself.

Change is represented by the turning of a circle or a wheel, showing us the forever-changing nature of everything in the Universe. In fact, the very concept of the universe is changing, and we are slowly accepting that a multiverse might be a more appropriate description.

How we handle this constant change depends on where the center of our awareness lies. When we are deeply rooted in our own core—in our heart, at the center of the circle—the movements of Change affect us less than when we are focused on the outward parts of ourselves (the outer parts of the circle). As on a spinning wheel, the closer we are to the center, the steadier everything is.


The transparent red square that partially covers the wheel is our perception of our form-based (physical) world, which appears to be solid but is really only another layer of reality. The lights on the corners remind us of our ability to reach beyond the illusionary three-dimensional boundaries at any time we choose.

From the center, five beautiful flowers emerge, slowly flowing outward—or is it the other way around? Are the flowers emerging from the edges of our awareness into our center?  In numerology, the number 5 is associated with Change, and these flowers represent the beautiful potential for new life and possibilities to grow from each new moment, even in the midst of seemingly chaotic Change.

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