The frequency of OMMUNICATION supports our ability to exchange information in many different forms. It reminds us to run every piece of information—both incoming and outgoing—through our heart, the center of our truth, to stay in the flow of Source and balanced exchange.


Communication is the process of sharing information between a sender and a recipient. For humans, this usually takes place though spoken and written words, gestures, behaviors, or touch, but it can also happen through the more subtle languages, like chemistry and energetics.

Communication is at the core of all relations, whether interpersonal (between people) or the way in which our inner world and body talk to us. While words have predominantly been the way humankind has communicated for most of its modern history, the new energy invites us—even requires us—to develop our abilities to receive, translate, and share the messages that arise from the depths of us. Most of these messages will emerge in the form of feelings and intuitive thought; and we might find that the words we have been using for so long hold far more complex and subtle energies than we ever imagined. And that leads to realizing more expanded and subtle meanings as well.

The dolphins that swirl inside the four circles of this Activation are representative of the mastery of relations. They support the awakening and developing of subtle communications while reminding us to keep a playful attitude as we learn these new skills.

Meanwhile, the number four represents the form-based world in which we live. It is a reminder of the importance of applying all that we learn to the reality we collectively choose to create on this plane. The triangles in the middle represent the (inner) union and balance between the feminine and the masculine. The upward large triangle symbolizes the connection to Source, and the abundant blues indicate an open throat chakra, so clear and unrestricted Communication flows effortlessly. Greens represent the presence of an open heart, allowing love and compassion to pour into the external without restrictions and boundaries. The turquoise represents the High Heart, the place where the energies from the heart and those from the throat merge into the loving expression of truth; and the surrounding deep-purple space represents the origin of clear, insightful perception through an open third eye.

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