The frequency of COMPASSION supports our ability to stand by others without judgment and be the divine mediator between heaven and Earth, spirit and matter, so that unconditional love can flow from Source through our heart and onto the world.


The word compassion derives from the Latin words com, meaning “with” or “together,” and pati, meaning “to suffer.” So compassion can be described as the act of sharing in or being with another’s struggle or suffering. Oftentimes, it includes the desire to alleviate this discomfort through benevolent action, sensitive understanding, and warm support.

Compassion holds the highest energy of all human emotions. It is at the center of the multidimensional communication between the human being and his or her higher self. And this communication is exclusive to humans, who have the unique capability to feel emotion that is rooted in their connection to Source. Human emotion can also shift reality; we can choose to move into an emotion and, with that, shift the reality we are experiencing.

When we reach an inner state of balance based on wisdom and maturity, and we feel empathy without attachment to our own projection or expectation, Compassion easily flows from our heart to others, to our planet, and to ourselves. The frequency of Compassion reminds us that each one of us walks a unique and individual path in life and that we create this reality based on the emotions and experiences we choose for ourselves.


The greens represent a heart that is open so that love and compassion can flow freely without restraints. The turquoise represents the High Heart, the place where the energies from the heart and those from the throat merge into loving expression of truth. The water in the background indicates the emotional plane. The six shining flowers represent the light that is generated by the compassion that flows from an open heart. The number six is associated with love and relationships, harmony and balance. The flower in the middle represents the core of our being and our connection to Source. The colorful flower at the top represents our shining expression on Earth when that connection is solid and deeply rooted within ourselves.

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