The frequency of CONSCIOUSNESS supports our ability to focus our attention on all the multidimensional aspects that show up, so we can include them in our reality.


Consciousness can be described as a state of awareness or focused attention, and wherever we direct our attention will dominate our minds.

Like the Universe, Consciousness is alive—forever expanding, breathing, morphing. Consciousness reflects reality, and reality reflects Consciousness in return. In this new energy, our Consciousness is rapidly expanding to hold the awareness of the many multidimensional aspects of reality. We are increasingly capable of “multidirecting” our attention to many different layers at the same time, providing us with a deep, rich experience in every moment. We no longer receive input solely through the senses that are closely connected to our physical body alone; we receive communication from beyond the body through intuitive thought, intuitive knowing, and intuitive feeling.

Light and consciousness are closely connected—they both have quantum attributes and are nonlinear. Light is an energy that can be created through consciousness, and consciousness can create light in return. Light influences our awareness, our perception, our consciousness, and therefore, our reality.

The center of the Consciousness image shows the place of birth, where light burst out of the core to spread into the various planes of reality. The bright purple indicates the connection to Source; and the yellow spheres refer to our sense of self emerging from Source and expanding onto the Flower of Life grid—the basis for our three-dimensional reality.


The blue in the image refers to the deep, dark Universe—the origin of everything that shows up in our reality. But since everything is always in motion, so is consciousness—like a breath morphing, changing, expanding. And the color could easily flow from blue into purple, into red, into yellow, and so on…

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