The frequency of COSMIC FLOWER activates our remembrance of the place we call home—the core from which we pour our magnificence out into the world.

cosmic flower

Like the flower that draws the hummingbird to drink its nectar, the energy of Cosmic Flower invites us to keep returning to our cosmic core and drink from the nectar of our origin. Like the tiny bird—yet greatly skillful—we need to recognize that in order to be our highest expression here on Earth, we need to check in with our home base—our Source—often. It is the place where we connect to our spiritual core.

The Cosmic Flower Activation is overflowing with all aspects of the fullest expression of who we really are: an abundance of vibrant color, form, fragrance, sound, and energy that stimulates our senses to a maximum, making us feel alive in every cell of our body. It is an invitation to enjoy the sweetness of life—to lift up negativity and express love as abundantly as we dare.


Flowers have been given as an expression of love, affection, sympathy and intention for thousand of years. Their beauty reminds us of how wonderful life can be when expressed fully. The green center of the flower represents the heart as the center of our being and the core of our experience here on Earth. The bright oranges and reds are representing our passion, our creativity, and our strength. The number six is associated with love and relationship, harmony and balance, all the elements that make the human experience so worth while. The dark background refers to the deep, dark Universe, where we connect to our place of origin, the place we call home.

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