The frequency of DIVIEN MASCULINE supports our strong, focused, and active side, allowing it to express itself while helping us to bring our dreams and ideas into form with kindness and wisdom.

divine masculine

Three-dimensional reality is based on the duality between opposites and their eternal movement toward union. Everything is created in pairs: male/female, matter/spirit, empty/full, dark/light, and so on. Without the tension caused by the magnetic push and pull of duals, there would be no movement; and without movement, there would be no life as we know it.

When the push and pull of opposites is equal, a state of balance is achieved. For humans to live harmoniously with each other, the masculine and the feminine have to reach a state of union—both outward (in relationship to each other) as well as inward (in a balanced state of heart, mind, and soul). The masculine and feminine attributes inside all of us have to be fully realized, understood, and expressed.

Now that we are moving into a new energy, the enhanced qualities of these two opposites in human nature are emerging and urging us to let go of the roles we have traditionally assigned in the past, allowing a new masculinity and new femininity to arise. The Divine Masculine is strong, directed, sensual, and balanced yet conscious, gentle, and compassionate—able to facilitate the expression of the Divine Feminine. This masculinity is focused, active, and intrinsically connected to the material/physical world, providing security, structure, and reason.


The dark blue refers to the vast and dark Universe. The swirling circles in the background represent other dimensions and star systems beyond this Earth that are at our origin. All the straight lines represent the linear aspects that the masculine is associated with. The crystals and diamond shapes symbolize the beauty and immeasurable value that true expressed masculinity holds. The spirals refer to the flowing (feminine ) nature that is also part of a true divine masculinity. The number four represents the form-based world we live in.

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