The frequency of DYNAMIC supports our ability to harmonize between layers and aspects of different origin and frequency. It helps us to put together a reality that is made up of many different elements—both familiar and completely new—with ease, grace, and great joy.


The word dynamic can be described as an energetic force or process that is constantly changing. When we talk about the dynamics of something, we refer to the way it works or interacts. Now if we add the words vibrant and full of life, we have a perfect description of what Dynamic entails in the new energy.

The triangular shape and color of this Activation refer to the masculine aspect, which is full of direction, power, and presence. All the circular shapes refer to the infinite and flowing aspect of the feminine while representing the mechanism of the Dynamic process—one that brings together different aspects, harmonizes them, and makes them work together. The result is a process that is alive with energy, movement, color, and change. Just by witnessing this process, one automatically becomes part of it, as nothing that is witnessed remains unaffected.

The Activation of Dynamic is about bringing together things that do not typically go together, whether it be colors, styles, words, music, and even food. With Dynamic, we bring harmony wherever we go, intuitively sensing how everything works together; we shine our light brightly with vibrant color for everyone to see and experience.


The deep, dark blue of this Activation’s background indicates the depth of consciousness. There are three different patterns visible in the background, representing three different layers of consciousness and manifestation. Although completely different in origin, there is an unmistakable harmony between the way these layers come together to support the Dynamic process. The square border represents the form-based reality of our Earth-bound life—the plane of our physical bodies and the place where the Dynamic process takes place.

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