The frequency of EARTH activates our deep connection to this physical plane by showing us the beauty of all the aspects of our great Mother and revealing the more ethereal, spiritual aspects of our nature.


Beyond the four elements that make up our physical and material world (earth, water, fire, and air), we have to consider a fifth element—spirit—to bridge heaven and Earth through an expansion of consciousness and advance humankind to the next evolutionary level. As a representation of our conscious connection between Earth and Source, we only have to retreat into nature and find the silence within—to listen to all the majestic expressions Mother Earth reveals to us through the winds in the trees, the humming of the bees, and the rhythmic chirping of crickets during the wee hours of the night.

We are spirit in a physical body, here on a short and temporary journey on this form-based, three-dimensional plane. On this journey, we are deeply intertwined with the Earth, our roots reaching far under her surface. She provides us with everything we need for the survival of our physical body, and in return, we are asked to take care of her as if she were our own body.


The overall green color of this Activation represents the Earth and nature in particular. The green in the center refers to the heart as our center of truth and our reality here. The yellow and orange refer to our inner power. The geometric shapes in the middle are variations of the Flower of Life, the grid on which our form based world is based. All the lines indicate the connections there are between us and our great Mother, and between the Universe and us as spiritual and cosmic beings. The transparencies refers to the energetic and spiritual aspects of ourselves beyond our form-based expression.

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