The frequency of EMERGENCE invites us to approach our reality with a childlike attitude of innocence and wonderment, and to watch and celebrate the beauty that unfolds from that place.


Emergence can be described as the process of coming into being—the arising of something that wasn’t there before. When referring to personal development and growth, the emergence of a grander expression of ourselves is often a result of extensive inner work and deep release. In order for real personal growth to happen, we have to be willing to let go of existing belief systems, frameworks, and labels that define and limit us. Recognizing potential can take us on an exciting (inner) journey of discovery and integration. From this place of openness and discernment, we can truly unfold and emerge as a new human being.


The deep and rich blue at the core of this Activation represents the drive for clear expression. The purple represents the insights that come directly form our connection to Source and that are now available to be expressed. The yellow and oranges indicate the creativity and power with which we can do so.

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