The frequency of EMPOWERMENT supports our ability to show up fully and completely, uniting us with others in the deep trust that we all are connected through the same Source.


Empowerment refers to the process of enabling, or giving power to. And we typically associate power with strength.

In the new energy, however, strength not only refers to the totality of everything that makes us strong on the outside (like our physical form and shape) but includes the inner qualities of wisdom, balance, flexibility, adaptability, and courage. Our true power is deeply rooted in our knowing of who we are—our connection to Source and self. When we are clear about who we are, we can be clear about what we are here to do. This clarity is empowering.

In the Empowerment image, we see human shapes with their arms over their heads, referring to the state of completeness that every human can reach on their own. They also show us the power of our connection: because we are all connected to the same Source, we can overcome any perceived differences and combine our power toward a more conscious reality.


All the shades and gradations of blue refer to our ability to express ourselves in the world. Blue is also considered to be the color of truth. The red in the center refers to our ability to ground and identify ourselves in the physical world; red stimulates courage, strength, power, and determination. And the yellow balls emerging from the middle refer to the inner power that flows from our center onto the grid of the Flower of Life—the basis of our form-based reality.

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