The frequency of FERTILITY invites us to be more open, more courageous, more creative, and more joyful than we were before. It activates the potential for something beautiful to grow from our consciousness into a new and grander expression of ourselves.


When the long, dark days of winter finally give way to the arrival of a new season, all of existence responds in glorious expression: the voices of songbirds fill the air, a hint of green appears on trees and plants, and people walk with a little more bounce in their step…a smile on their faces. Spring is a time of Fertility, when all of existence is bursting with the potential of new life—a time of expansion and promise. We see it around us in the outer world and we feel it inside us, in the inner world. It feels like a grand Yes! is breathed over us and into us from everywhere.

Usually Fertility refers to the ability to produce offspring. In the new energy, we are invited to consider Fertility as the potential to grow something new and inspiring—an idea, a project, a new paradigm…


The blues and greens in the image refer to the fertile grounds on which something new can grow. The clouds remind us of the spiritual aspects of the concept of fertility, like the birth of a new consciousness. The squares represent the form-based reality of our Earth-bound life while we are here. The bright flower shape at the top represents our connection to Source, the sphere shape at the bottom our connection to Earth, equally as bright, yet different. The beauty of flowers is a reminder of how wonderful life can be when expressed fully.

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