The frequency of GAIA reminds us that we are infinitely connected to one another just as we are to our Great Mother, and to the Universe that birthed us all.


Gaia is the word used to refer to the Earth as a living organism. As such, she radiates a deep sense of nurturing, care, compassion, and wisdom, taking care of her loved ones and her community. She shares with us through her natural resources of food, light, and water.

This sense of community—both small and large—is represented by the repeating pattern that spreads out from the core of this Activation. Gaia is represented in both her water and her solid bodies by the blues and greens. “As above, so below”—this applies to the external world (the sky, the water, and the earth) as well as to the internal world of spirit and body. The pearl-like shapes symbolize both the deep secrets hidden beyond the physical world and our off-planet origin. These pearls might even be making a sound, like a soft humming or toning. (And if we look long enough, we might hear it too…)


Through this understanding of Gaia and connection, we are invited to be conscious of how we walk this Earth—to realize that we leave a footprint everywhere we go. We are also invited to find compassion for all beings that are with us on this walk and beyond. Our conscious connectedness creates balance and harmony throughout our reality and can move us forward into an expanded reality as well.

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