The frequency of HEALING supports our intrinsic ability to restore our health and wholeness by consciously using the information that comes to us through our senses and harmonizing everything accordingly.


Healing literally means “to make whole.” It refers to the process of restoring health to something or someone that is unbalanced, diseased, or damaged.

For us to reach or maintain a state of health and wholeness, we need to balance all aspects of ourselves. Our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies have to harmoniously work together, and this requires clear communication and awareness of all the information that our sensory system is providing us. So far, we have recognized sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch as the five senses that provide this feedback. In the new energy, we are invited to add our intuitive perception as the sixth, which complements this profound and essential feedback system well.

The color green dominates this Activation, as it is associated with health—most likely because, in nature, green indicates growth, fertility, and life. When in springtime we see the fist greenish glow return on the branches of the trees, we know that a new growth cycle has started, a clear indication of the continuance of life. Green also refers to a heart that is open to truth, compassion, and love. The purple, violet, and pink indicate our intuitive abilities, which are anchored in a strong connection to Source and self.


The twelve glowing flowers refer to life and the healthy growth that emerges from an effective healing process. In numerology, the number twelve is considered a three—a catalytic number—indicating that all aspects of ourselves can harmonize together to support our natural, radiant, healthy state.

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