The frequency of INTEGRATION supports our embrace of every aspect of ourselves, allowing what we perceive as positive and what we perceive as negative to harmonize in a balanced symphony of life.


The Sri Yantra is an ancient symbol that literally means “sacred instrument.” It is formed by nine interlocking triangles that form forty-three smaller triangles in a grid that represents the entire cosmos. This complicated and precise geometry is thought to hold and create powerful energetic patterns, and it has been used for thousands of years as a tool for meditation and devotion. The Sri Yantra also symbolizes the union between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, where the upward triangles represents the male (Shiva) energies and the downward the female (Shakti) energies. The center point (bindu) represents the junction between the physical universe and the Source.

The dark blues refer to the vast and deep Universe as the origin from which everything springs into being. The yellows and golds refer to our inner power and the way we express ourselves on this Earth in a physical body. Red is the color associated with the first chakra, the physical plane and everything form-based. The light blue triangles represents the balance between the masculine and feminine. The swirling circles in the background represent other dimensions and star systems beyond this earth that are at our origin.


The energy of Integration supports our journey through a dualistic reality in which we continuously search for union and completion, both within and without. Its frequency reminds us that our manifested world can only be when every aspect has its opposite as well. Only when we integrate everything that comes to us—when we embrace every aspect of ourselves and of everyone and everything around us—can we find an inner state of equilibrium.

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