The frequency of MERKABAH supports our ability to use our consciousness to traverse into other layers of reality and dimensions. It activates our access to our Akashic inheritance as well, merging the totality of our experiences into our present to serve our highest purpose.


The word Merkabah can be loosely translated as “chariot.” It refers to the human light body—the energy field around all humans that is generated by the quantum parts of our DNA. Therefore, this field is quantum as well. It is in this field that we communicate with our consciousness and where our Akashic records are stored. The human Akasha can be described as the total history of everything that a human being has experienced on planet Earth,, held as energy in the etheric field around the human being.

This energy field has the geometric shape of a Star Tetrahedron, which consists of two equally sized, interlocking fields of tetrahedra (pyramids) with a common center. Through the counter-spinning of these fields, while breathing in certain patterns, it is believed that we can change or move our perception of reality into other dimensions. It is why the Merkabah is believed to be the vehicle that allows us to travel through different times and dimensions.

The upward tetrahedron of this Activation refers to the masculine aspect, its fiery colors indicating power, presence, and direction. The light coming out of its corners refers to the capacity to direct energy and presence. The downward tetrahedron refers to the feminine aspect—deep, dark, and mysterious—with spirals that indicate the flowing nature of the feminine. When these two opposing forces come together in perfect union, the Merkabah activates its full potential. This process is outwardly expressed though our search and manifestation of a love relationship with another, and inwardly through the equally powerful love relationship with ourselves. Both hold the potential of supporting our eternal and infinite capacity to create our reality according to our consciousness.


The arrowhead pattern refers to our ancient past as well as our alien and off-planet connection to other realities. The water in the background indicates the emotional realm—the guidance system that helps us navigate through the world of energies in relation to our physical bodies. The green and turquoise indicate our heart-based truth, and the surrounding square represents the physical world in which our reality is based.

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