The frequency of MIRACLE supports our belief in ourselves as a part of Source and, therefore, our belief that anything is possible.


A Miracle can be described as an extraordinary event or occurrence in our everyday reality that cannot be explained within our existing paradigm or belief system and is, therefore, attributed to a higher or supernatural cause. Our belief in the possibility of miracles is closely connected to our belief in the divine itself and, with that belief, our trust in the unlimited possibilities the Universe can provide.

In these changing times (in the new energy), multidimensionality is rapidly saturating almost all areas of our lives and being; there is much we don’t understand and cannot explain within our current way of thinking. When we relax and accept that we are in an era of many mysteries yet to be revealed, we can start living our lives expecting miracles and benevolent change to happen in any moment.


The color purple indicates the deep connection to the divine, or Source. The yellow refers to our sense of self as we realize that we are spiritual beings in a corporeal body—an expression of the divine. There are nine light sources around—a number that stands for completion and indicates the ultimate realization that we are one with Source.

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