The frequency of PASSION reminds us that beneath every intense emotion lies the hidden gem of insight, balance, and calm. It assists us in finding the balance within this intensity, moving us from chaos to the calm of its core, where we can let its long-lasting wisdom fill us up.


When we use the word passion, we usually refer to a strong feeling for something or someone. It could be a burning desire, or a feeling of enthusiasm or intense emotion. Passion expresses itself powerfully—like a burning-hot fire—as it radiates out from our core. This power is undeniable and cannot be hidden; it demands expression.

We long for an emotion that is so strong that all we can do is surrender to its power. At the same time, we fear this kind of emotion because we are afraid of losing ourselves—our sense of who we are—in the eye of the passion’s storm within us. But there is clarity and insight to be found in this storm once we have withstood the heat of the fire and have held our balance in the midst of the blazing inferno. Only then can we move to the center and find the insight at passion’s core.


The Passion Activation reveals this process of powerful insight through its purple core, its demand for expression (the blue around the core), and the storm of intense feelings and emotions all around (represented by the orange, yellow, and red of the lower chakras). It invites us to become aware of and burn away anything that stands in the way of finding the valuable insights that reside at its core. And although it could be enjoyable to feel these intense emotions, we cannot stay in this heat for very long without getting burned.

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