The frequency of PERCEPTION supports our natural curiosity, moving us beyond our comfort zone to find the edges of what we perceive as real and take a good, hard, deep look at it.


Perception can be described as the interpretation of that which has entered into our awareness.

Upon first glance, the Perception Activation presents what seems to be chaos in motion. But when we take a better look, we find perfect alignment and synchronicity between the different aspects; we find balance and harmony. The sharp blades of clear Perception cut through the layers of illusion that cover the space between the world of spirit and the world of matter. Together, the blades are neither round nor square, indicating that they are effective in both worlds.

Conceptually, circles stand for everything and nothing at all, balance and infinity, purity and freedom. Within this image, they also represent our connection to a larger universe and the many planets that revolve around realities that exist beyond our own. We think we have a clear perception of the reality that lies behind the blades, but we discover that the waters of our emotional and physical world are mirrored perfectly by the sky—our spiritual nature. They are exactly the same (“as above, so below”).

The square border represents the form-based reality of our Earth-bound life while the lights on the corners remind us of our ability to reach far beyond these illusionary three-dimensional boundaries at any time we choose. When combined with awareness, skill, and precision, these Perception blades can cut through illusions that otherwise keep us locked in place.

The energy of Perception reminds us that the concept itself is biased. Our consciousness determines our perception, and there is no absolute truth in what we perceive. There are always more layers to uncover, more insights to be revealed. The blades of clarity cut through illusion and expand our perception of reality, revealing a path toward harmony and peace—in our inner world and in the world around us.


The dark border around the edge indicates the vast and deep Universe that oftentimes seems mysterious and dark. The blues indicate the clarity of expression that is needed to cut through the illusions of our perceived reality. The red edges indicate our solid foundation into the physical world while in body here on Earth. The yellows and golds indicate the inner power that is needed to create a reality that matches our perception of our inner and outer world combined.

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