The frequency of PROSPERITY supports our feeling of well-being by allowing the inclusion of everything that makes our body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit sing. It invites us to express ourselves in joy and celebration of the abundance and riches that the Universe provides.


The new energy is asking us to revisit and redefine how we want to perceive many human concepts to help us re-create a reality that reflects a new and more expanded consciousness. The way we perceive and experience our state of Prosperity is important to the creation of our new reality.


The word prosperity originates from the Latin word prosperus, which means “doing well”; but this entails much more than just our financial wellness. The original meaning encompassed the totality of our well-being, including our health and happiness, as well as our success. Sadly, it seems that we have lost this meaning over time. We have grown accustomed to measuring our success—and thus, our prosperity—by the reflection of our bank accounts. The new energy invites us to reconsider our feelings of joy, love, compassion, and connection to self and others, in addition to the fulfillment of our more mundane and physical needs—all are part of our sense of Prosperity.


The abundance of rich, deep, and vibrant colors refers to the abundance of experiences that the Universe provides in any given moment—experiences that resonate with all parts of our being and activate all the energy centers (chakras) in our body. The swirling movements indicate the constant change that is at the core of our human experience. Their predominantly green and turquoise color indicate the importance of letting all these experiences flow through the heart center, where we can connect them with our inner truth before we express them in the external world.

The forest in the background and the double squares support the activation of Prosperity on the level of our earthly plane and in our daily lives, so that all of our needs are fulfilled (those on the emotional and spiritual plane, as well as the ones that ensure our physical survival and well-being). The flowers at the corners represent the beautiful potential for new life, new possibilities, and new richness that grows from each new moment. And the number eight signifies the ending of one thing and the beginning of another.

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