The frequency of REALIZATION supports the internal process of becoming aware of our heart-centered truth, as well as the external process of becoming our highest expression in this world.


Realization can happen on many different levels. Internally, we realize something when we become aware of that something as a fact. Externally, we realize something when we achieve or fulfill a dream or a desire. On a more spiritual level, we refer to selfrealization when we are able to unite body, mind, spirit, and soul to step into our fullest, most authentic expression of who we really are.


The center of this Activation draws us into an infinite inward journey through the layers of our awareness. The green indicates the presence of the heart, which provides the wisdom and stability needed on this frequently “trippy” path. The rich, bright-blue coloring of the outer circles represents the ability and desire to express ourselves and to be realized in the outer world. The water represents the emotional realm, the heart’s guidance system; and the orange and yellow stand for expression, creativity, and self-awareness.

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