The frequency of REMEMBRANCE supports our memory of everything that we have gone though as a soul in body, providing us with valuable information and tools to flow gracefully with and in this life.


It is becoming more common for us to have access to memories of lives lived, experiences gone though, roads traveled, and journeys taken. Our memories are rapidly expanding beyond our current lifetime alone. Now that we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we are able to access deeper the parts of the grids (referred to as the Akasha) that hold our collective and personal memories of all lifetimes lived.

The Akasha of the human being holds everything that the human being has experienced on this Earth plane. However, this Remembrance is not a linear function of the brain; instead, it is an illusive and multidimensional aspect of the “new” human being—a human being that harmonizes the synaptical brain with the wisdom and intuitive thought of the heart and soul.

There is an unmistakable sense of ancient cultures and times in the Remembrance image—perhaps Native American or Mayan—and we can see the reference to future civilizations and off-planet connections as well. This is an indication that time is no longer a linear absolute but a vertical, moment-to-moment experience that includes input from many different times, layers, and dimensions.


The blues in this Activation refer to the clear communication that comes to us through our dreams, our intuitive thoughts, and our memories. The indigo and violet indicate the higher Source behind the communication that comes when our Third-Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra are open and flowing.

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