The frequency of ROMANTIC LOVE supports our journey to feel whole and complete through the experience with and reflection of a conscious lover.

romantic love

Love is probably the most sought-after, mysterious, indeterminate, and fulfilling feeling that a human can experience. Its mystery surely derives from the fact that we cannot really describe or define what it is. Is it an energy? Is it an emotion? Perhaps it is simply the glue that binds everything together? Whatever it is, we know without a doubt when we feel loved and when we love.

As vibrational beings, we hold a frequency that aligns with the frequency of our thoughts and our emotions. And from that vibrational point of attention, we attract everything else into our reality. Love is one of the highest frequencies. When we are in a state of love, we easily attract circumstances and people into our reality that are aligned with that frequency.

The love that is so desired and fulfilling for many is ROMANTIC LOVE—the love we experience with another when we are in love. The expression of “being in love” suggests that it is a place where we can be, not just a feeling that we have. When we are in love, we feel completely surrounded and engulfed by it; we are in the middle of it with no awareness of where it begins or where it ends. Our world becomes love, and we feel more complete.

This journey of becoming whole and complete within can be taken alone, but many prefer the support of another. But the idea that another is merely a reflection of that which we need in order to complete ourselves and achieve a state of wholeness leads to many misconceptions and expectations in romantic relationships. The most that any lover can do for us is bring us closer to ourselves. By focusing on our own heart and soul, we invite our lover to do the same. When both lovers are conscious of this, a romantic relationship can be deeply fulfilling and supportive of our individual quest for completeness.


The Romantic Love image shows a flower that pours out vibrancy and intensity from its center—the Source that we are all connected to. There is an unmistakable beauty that moves and attracts beyond reason; it is simply inviting us to dive in. The colors suggest the delicious richness that we feel when we allow deep absorption. The bright blue background indicates both the vast Universe that is at the origin of every energy and the clear expression that romantic love invites us into. The color pink is associated with the universal love of oneself and others—with sweetness, tenderness, and care. Brighter pink brings in an aspect of aliveness, excitement, high energy, and power. Reds refer to the physical plane, the place where we desire to experience this love.

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