flower of life RED

The frequency of the ROOT CHAKRA stimulates passion, and supports our sense of security on this physical plane, both in our bodies as well in the physical world.

root chakra

The FLOWER OF LIFE is a geometric shape that is recognized by many cultures all over the planet.  It consists of 13 equal circles that intersect at the middle of each circle, creating a perfectly proportioned flower. As a symbol the Flower of Life is considered to represent the Universe as a whole, as well as the harmony in which all the separate components work together. This beautiful pattern is found all over the world and is often used to indicate our understanding of our connection to the whole.


The color RED is associated with the root or base chakra. It is linked to our survival instincts and our ability to ‘ground’ and identify ourselves in the physical world.  It is connected to our sense of prosperity, security and our physical health.  The location of the root chakra – at the base of the spine – is also the seat of the kundalini force, and the first chakra is believed to be the generator of life. Red stimulates love and passion, excitement, courage, strength, power and persistence. Its sense is Smell.

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