The frequency of SOUL TIME asks us to allow the possibility of a new reality to emerge—one that embraces the concept that, while the corporeal body is mortal, the soul is timeless, limitless, and infinite.

soul time

As part of a duality-based world, the concept of time has been defined throughout human history in linearity (with a past, a present, and a future). We look back at where we came from, apply lessons learned to our present, and move forward with expectations that are derived from that past. Linear time has been comprehensible and has made our future somewhat predictable. The story of our human history is told from the viewpoint that we are born into this world once and leave when we physically die. A straightforward story…

Now that we are awakening into a consciousness of a much larger story than a singular lifetime on Earth and a defined, three-dimensional reality, we slowly start to realize that time as we knew it no longer applies. Besides going back into the past and going forward into the future, we find spaces that are far and in between—spaces that are infinite and nonlinear. We have arrived in Soul Time.

Soul Time means having access to all the experiences that the soul has been through, is going through, and will go through—all in any given moment that we choose. To demonstrate this evolution of linear time, the Soul Time Activation has been created from a repetition of the infinity sign.


The purple refers to our connection to the higher realms and Source, a connection that needs to be securely established in order for us to experience time outside the realty of three-dimensionality. The yellow refers to our inner power and the way we manifest ourselves here on Earth. The hexagons in the image refer to the form-based world that is linear and three-dimensional, yet is an equal component in our experience of realty and time.

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