The frequency of SYNERGY supports our allowance and acceptance of not-so-obvious, never-seen-before combinations and unions that result in new ways of functioning, working, thinking, relating, loving, and being. It reminds us to embrace the unfamiliar so that new yet exciting cocreations can give birth to a new reality.


The origin of the word synergy comes from “working together,” and it can be described as the result of something that is greater than the simple sum of its individual parts. In the new energy, we can expect synergy to not only refer to a process with an outcome that is greater but to one that involves uniting elements, energies, and even undefined attributes to create something that is completely new, different, and unexpected. This brings a wondrous element of magic to the whole process.

In this Activation, synergy is represented through the uncommon and rather bold choice of color combinations. By itself, pink represents the Divine Feminine attributes of love, nurturing, stillness, and receptivity; and the bright yellow-green color represents the new energy through clarity, beauty, and exhilaration. Purple brings in consciousness and insight, while the opening at the top represents the channel that allows input from a higher place.


This communication is taken in, brought to the core, surrounded by loving pink and light, and transcended for release onto the Earth plane in an appropriate energy that is alignment with the consciousness there. The effects of this release a ripple through the emotional planes (the water), the mental plane (the blue), and can even affect us on the DNA level (the coding in the background).

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