The frequency of TANTRIC JOURNEY helps us to unlock the hidden knowledge and wisdom that we intrinsically hold about how to reach a state of wholeness and completion through our sensual experiences with ourselves and with another.

tantric journey

The journey into Tantra is about expansion of consciousness. The word Tantra can be translated as “that which goes on expanding.” It primarily uses the senses as a pathway toward focusing the mind and ultimately letting go of that mind to reach a state of internal oneness. Through sexual sensation—one of the most powerful sensations humans can experience—we can achieve a state of union, within ourselves or with another. As spiritual beings in a corporeal vehicle, we can access our multidimensional nature through our physical body, letting our senses guide us into a vast universe that lies right beneath our skins.


The Tantric Journey image shows the intersecting triangles as a reference to the union between the masculine and the feminine, where the upward triangle represents the masculine and the downward triangle the feminine. The purple represents the connection to Source as the basis of our (expanding) consciousness. The petals and the orange center represent the second chakra, the seat for our sexual expression as well as our emotions and creativity. The swirling circles (both the ones in the center and the larger ones in the background) represent the part of our origin that is off planet. Blue is associated with clear expression of Truth. The Sri Yantra is visible in the center as a representation of the integration that takes place though union. Squares represent the form based world that we experience as spiritual beings in a physical body.

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