flower of life INDIGO

The frequency of the THIRD EYE CHAKRA supports our intuition and our inner knowing, our imagination, and our psychic powers.

third eye chakra

The Flower of Life is a geometric shape recognized by many cultures all over the planet. It consists of thirteen equal circles that intersect at the middle of each circle, creating a perfectly proportioned flower. As a symbol, the Flower of Life represents the Universe as a whole as well as the harmony in which all the separate components of the Universe work together. This beautiful pattern is often used to indicate our understanding of our connection (as humans and as spiritual beings) to the whole.


The color indigo is associated with the sixth, or Third-Eye, chakra, located in the middle of the forehead, just above the bridge of the nose. It is linked to our intuition, our insights, and our ability to see beyond three-dimensional reality into the inner world, so that the conscious can merge with the unconscious. In many cultures, the color indigo has been traditionally associated with royalty, power, and wealth as we often assign a higher consciousness that is based on a deeply rooted connection to Source to our authoritarian figures..  Its sense is telepathy.

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