flower of life BLUE

The frequency of the THROAT CHAKRA supports our self-expression and our sense of peace and balance.

throat chakra

The Flower of Life is a geometric shape recognized by many cultures all over the planet. It consists of thirteen equal circles that intersect at the middle of each circle, creating a perfectly proportioned flower. As a symbol, the Flower of Life represents the Universe as a whole as well as the harmony in which all the separate components of the Universe work together. This beautiful pattern is often used to indicate our understanding of our connection (as humans and as spiritual beings) to the whole.


The color blue is associated with the fifth, or Throat, chakra, located in the area of the neck. It is linked to communication and our ability to express our needs and desires. Blue is cooling—a mentally relaxing color—and it pacifies the nervous system. It connects us to holistic thought, it generates wisdom, and it supports our communication and speech skills. Blue is considered the color of truth. Its sense is hearing.

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