The frequency of UNIVERSAL LOVE activates the connection we feel to each other, to our planet, and to the whole of existence itself.

universal love

Love is probably the most sought-after, mysterious, indeterminate, and fulfilling feeling that a human can experience. Its mystery surely derives from the fact that we cannot really describe or define what it is. Is it energy? Is it an emotion? Perhaps it is simply the glue that binds everything together? Whatever it is, we know without a doubt when we feel loved and when we love.

As vibrational beings, we hold a frequency that aligns with the frequency of our thoughts and our emotions. And from that vibrational point of attention, we attract everything else into our reality. Love is one of the highest frequencies. When we are in a state of love, we easily attract circumstances and people into our reality that are aligned with that frequency.

Human beings are capable of feeling deep compassion and love, not just for one another but for all life in general. How do you describe what a parent feels toward their child; or how friends feel toward each other; or the love between siblings, among family members, for pets; or even the way we feel about our planet and its inhabitants? Love is a powerful force that drives our actions, motivates our behaviors, and can change the course of our lives. And perhaps the very reason that we are capable of such deep feelings is that nothing fuels our desire for change and evolution more than the love that we are able to feel.

When we remember that everyone and everything is connected to the same Source, we can overcome any perceived differences and join our power toward a more conscious reality—one based on love.


The deep blue background represents the Universe, as the space in which all exists. Flowers have been traditionally used to express love, affection, admiration, and intention. The Flower of Life represents the grid on which our three-dimensional world is based. Red represents the physical plane and the passion we feel when we love. The flower in the middle refers to the thousand-petaled lotus, a symbol for the crown chakra and our connection to Source and universal knowledge. The color green indicates an open heart that is capable of love and compassion.

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