PACKAGE - 3 readings

Do you want deeper understanding of your soul purpose?
Want insights into the dynamics of your relationship?
Wondering what might be next?

We meet 3 consecutive weeks in a row to really get to the heart of where you want your life to go and what’s currently in the way.  What is in the gap and preventing you from living your absolute best version of yourself?

Bring your questions and your challenges to these sessions. While using the oracle deck we will dive into your personal story, explore what is going on for you at this moment in your life, and how we can shift the energy around your story so we can change it into one you love.

I will teach you different kinds of drawings with the oracle decks and how to interpret the cards.

Because we have a full 3 weeks to play, we will be able to dive deep into your questions and challenges.  We will explore from many different perspectives and create AHA! moments that will bring you deep insights.  

After each session you’ll have time to process and allow integration of the new insights into the deep parts of you so new energetic connections can be made.  At the beginning of the next session we will review, adjust if necessary, and continue to dive even deeper into all the thoughts, habits and beliefs that all together are attracting the people and circumstances into your life.

Sessions held through ZOOM so they can be recorded.

Duration:   1 hour per session – 3 consecutive weeks

Investment:  $555