Supports our deep understanding of the ever-changing nature of existence and our lives, so that we can learn to let go, surrender to the process, and allow transition to occur with ease and grace.

soul time

Asks us to allow the possibility of a new reality to emerge—one that embraces the concept that, while the corporeal body is mortal, the soul is timeless, limitless, and infinite.


Supports our memory of everything that we have gone though as a soul in body, providing us with valuable information and tools to flow gracefully with and in this life.


Supports the internal process of becoming aware of our heart-centered truth, as well as the external process of becoming our highest expression in this world.


Supports our feeling of well-being by allowing the inclusion of everything that makes our body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit sing. It invites us to express ourselves in joy and celebration of [...]


Reminds us that beneath every intense emotion lies the hidden gem of insight, balance, and calm. It assists us in finding the balance within this intensity, moving us from chaos to the calm of [...]


Supports our ability to use our consciousness to traverse into other layers of reality and dimensions. It activates our access to our Akashic inheritance as well, merging the totality of our [...]

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