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Magic – High Res File for printing


The frequency of Magic supports our intrinsic ability to grow and expand beyond this moment to move toward possibilities and expressions that are as grand and profound as we can imagine. All that is required is our belief in their manifestation.

This is a high resolution file that can be used to make a print up to 12 x 12″.

* By downloading this file you agree to use it only for personal purposes and not replicate, distribute or sell the file or the prints.



Oftentimes, what we consider to be Magic is simply that which we cannot explain within the parameters of our existing belief system or reality. If we haven’t seen something before or we were never taught that something could exist, then it must be Magic if we clearly experience or observe it. Magic could be described as the explanation we give for something we perceive as real even though science has not been able to prove or explain it (yet)—and our mind struggles to accept it.

Throughout history, humans have had a profound fascination with Magic—and a deep fear of it as well. Magic holds seemingly unseen and unknown possibilities that can be of immense value, yet our lack of understanding and control makes us fearful of it. We assign great power to it, as described in countless fairytales, myths, and legends in which magicians, sorcerers, witches, and wizards play significant roles.

Perhaps our deep fascination with Magic is our (unconscious) desire to alter our existing reality and expand beyond our current state to become a much grander expression of who we really are. Magic helps us believe that anything is possible—even the things that seem impossible or make no sense. Magic is another word for manifestation.

What is clear is that Magic requires a deep and unwavering intent and conviction on the part of the magician. An uncertain and questionable “abracadabra” will simply not do. Changing our reality starts with a deeply rooted belief that we can. When we are deeply connected to ourselves and to Source, our presence is without doubt. This solid connection is the secret power of all great sorcerers and wizards, who—based on their conviction, intention, and trust—are able to perform great Magic. Purples (including indigo and violet) are a combination of red (the warmest color) and blue (the coolest color).


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