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For a limited time I am offering a $250 discount AND the unique opportunity to become part of the new deck:  “The Sacred Geometry of Relationship”  when you purchase your Soul Portrait before Sept 15, 2018 and apply to become part of it!


I accept credit cards and offer payment options for those that would like to have flexibility.  Contact me for more information 🙂


Personal Soul Portraits can be described as pictures of how you look expressed in geometric forms, shapes and colors. It is you beyond your physical body, a multi-dimensional and pure energetic being. It holds the energy of your highest potential. By meditating with your Soul Portrait or looking at it, you allow its high vibrational properties too work on the deeper levels of your being so energy blocks can be dissolved and new connections can be made, allowing room for new insights and perspectives.  It can be felt deeply and activate parts of you that are sub-conscious and multi-dimensional, allowing you to become the highest expression of your soul here on Earth.

Depending on your preference and you budget I offer different OPTIONS for your Soul Portrait.  Please make sure you read this before you order.

Creation of your Soul Portrait includes a 12×12″ hard back print.  All other sizes are charged separately. You can hang your Soul Portrait in your choice of size and medium on the wall or use it on the floor to sit or lay on.

Depending on my schedule, please allow 1-3 weeks for your personal Soul Portrait to be created, and an additional 2 weeks for the printing process.

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