We live in a time of great transformation and change. Our existing collective belief system can no longer cover the increasing stream of new thinking, new (scientific) discoveries and new potentials. The ‘box’ that has been holding our beliefs and makes up the reality on which we found the way we interact, connect, relate and love each other, is full. It is time to move outside the box and include the unknown, the unfamiliar, the new, the potentials, the dreams … and the magic. It’s time to move out of linearity.






They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder …
What if reality is as well?


The new energy is asking us to re-visit and re-define how we want to perceive many human concepts to help us re-create a reality that reflects a new and more expanded consciousness.  The very concept of ‘reality’ is certainly one to revisit and explore if we are to be in control of how we create it.

According to the dictionary REALITY is “the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined”. This suggests that we can define a reality that is the same for everyone, regardless of belief, religion, gender, age, topographic location, culture, time, our state of mind, and even our physical and emotional state of being.  However …

reality is not an objective absolute.

It is simply our personal experience of the inner and outer world the way we perceive it.

And this means that reality is different for everybody.

 A multidimensional YOU

In this new energy, our consciousness is rapidly expanding to be able to hold the awareness of the many multi-dimensional aspects of reality. We are increasingly capable of ‘multi-directing’ our attention and be aware of many different layers at the same time, providing us with deep and rich experience in every moment. By fine-tuning ourselves to this wide range of information available to us, we can perceive a reality that is inclusive of all of it. The finer-tuned we become to the complex and subtle layers through which our inner and our outer world communicates with us, the more we are in harmony … with ourselves … and with everyone and everything around us.

The energy of the Activations interacts with yours,

so energy blocks can be dissolved and new connections can be made,

allowing room for new insights and perspectives.


Fine-tuning with Sacred Geometry

All Activations are based on sacred geometry, and sacred geometry works at the soul level. It can be felt deeply and activate parts of us that are subconscious and multidimensional. Activations are catalysts for transformation; they are visual, multidimensional meditation tools. They create a bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind and support your journey inward. It is in the realm of the subconscious that we can make real changes in our being, meaning the way we are. And from that vibrational way of being we attract to us that which is aligned with that vibration … and we create our own reality.

the art in

your home

Choose from over 40 different Activations – in print or as an oracle deck – to enjoy on a daily basis.

prints & cards
prints & cards
Perfect for any altar or wall, available with and without a hard back, these prints are vibrant, alive and UV coated!
oracle card deck
oracle card deck
Discover the language of your soul with this 44-card deck and160 page booklet with descriptions and instructions.

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