A personal Soul Portrait can be described as a picture of how you look expressed in geometric forms, shapes, color and symbology. It is you beyond your physical body, a multi-dimensional and pure energetic being. It holds the energy of your highest potential and will activate towards becoming this highest version of yourself.

All Soul Portraits include a written reading.




you in sacred geometry

A Personal Soul Portrait is an activation that represents your highest expression and that activates you towards being the best that you can be.

By meditating with your Soul Portrait or looking at it, you allow its high vibrational properties to work on the deeper levels of your being and support your growth and expansion of consciousness.

Activate your potential

Science is acknowledging these days that the larger part of our DNA is multi dimensional.  My Soul Portraits and Activations are created in a language which effects ripple all the way to the core of your being and to those parts of you that are multi dimensional … and thus can support activation of your DNA to its fullest potential.  This way it can enhance expansion of consciousness and personal growth, and so moving you closer towards embodying your highest potential on this Earth plane.

All Portraits are based on sacred geometry and sacred geometry works at the soul level. It can be felt deeply and activate parts of us that are sub-conscious and multi-dimensional. This is why I call them Activations. Because the energy of the Activations interacts with yours, energy blocks can be dissolved and new connections can be made, allowing room for new insights and perspectives.A

I create personal Soul Portraits and Activations for individuals

– adults or children –

– couples or families –

and for your home, business or project


All portraits include a reading

Great!  How Much?

To offer anyone the opportunity to experience the power of Sacred Geometry, the Activations, and my insights and readings, there are different OPTIONS to choose from, depending on your preference and your budget.  All creations of personal or business Activations include a 24×24″ hard back print.  Other sizes are charged separately.  Payment plans available on request.


How do you get your Soul Portrait?

Go to my SHOP and check out “Your personal Soul Portrait”.   Once I receive your order, I will contact you to set up a meeting either on the phone or in person.  I will guide you through some questions so I can get a ‘reading’ of you, and your energy.

I will need you to provide me with a recent photo of yourself that I can work with during the creation of your Soul Portrait.

How long before you get your Portrait?

Depending on my schedule, it will take 2 week to 4 weeks to complete your Soul Portrait.  I will send you a preview of your Soul portrait per email.  After that, we will start the printing process.

How is your Portrait printed?

After a long journey of finding the perfect way to bring the Activations to life on your wall, I found a printer that loves my art and thus puts love and care in the process of printing.  And it shows!

All Activations can be printed on gallery mounted CANVAS and contemporary METAL . The colors are rich, deep and popping.  The result is a gorgeous, eye-catching piece of art, that holds the high vibration of the Activation and will change the energy and flow of any space.

Included in the purchase of your personal Soul Activation / Portrait is a 24″x24″  hard foam print. Of course, you can choose any size print on canvas or metal that you want, pricing for this is charged separately.

Sizes range from 12″x12″ to a stunning 36″x36″.  Larger sizes on request 🙂

How can you use your Soul Portrait?

When you purchase your Soul Portrait, I create a personalized Activation for you.  You receive your Soul Portrait printed on a medium and size of your choice.  You can hang your Soul Portrait anywhere you like, in a place and space of your choosing, where the high vibration of the Activation will serve you and your surroundings best.

Copyright laws state that all usage rights of the art remain with the artist unless otherwise agreed upon by both artist and client.  This means that I retain the right to use the art further as I choose to.  I might offer your Soul Portrait for sale on my website.  By doing so not only can I keep the purchase of a personalized Soul Portrait affordable, I can also serve many at the same time as well, as the beautiful expression of your soul and the activation might inspire others when they purchase it.  Thus we can be connected and touch each other in ways we never imagined!

Retaining the exclusive rights to your Activation is absolutely possible, please read all the different options HERE

the art in

your home

Choose from over 40 different Activations – in print or as an oracle deck – to enjoy on a daily basis.

prints & cards
prints & cards
Perfect for any altar or wall, available with and without a hard back, these prints are vibrant, alive and UV coated!
oracle card deck
oracle card deck
Discover the language of your soul with this 44-card deck and160 page booklet with descriptions and instructions.

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