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44 Activations that encourage your analytical mind to step aside so you can enter the domain of the subconscious and the soul, and connect to the quantum field … the space of infinite potential.

Working with these cards on a daily basis will help you to think outside the box, create a deeper sense of peace in your life, and become a powerful conscious creator.





All sessions include a FREE oracle card deck




44 cards to access the Quantum Field

To be powerful manifestors and creators of our own reality, we need to invite our conscious mind to loosen up…to let go…to step out of the way…so we can experience something new and transcend our box of beliefs.

This is where the cards in this deck come into play. All images are based on sacred geometry, and sacred geometry works at the soul level. It can be felt deeply and activate parts of us that are subconscious and multidimensional.

This is why I call them Activations:

Because the energy of the Activations

interacts with yours.

And because the energy interacts with yours, energy blocks can be dissolved and new connections can be made, allowing room for new insights and perspectives.

Activations are catalysts for transformation; they are visual, multidimensional meditation tools. Through sacred geometry (color, patterns, light), Activations create a bridge between sight and soul that supports your journey inward—the growth and expansion of your consciousness. All you have to do is focus your attention on the image and allow its energy to do its magic.

Fine-tune your awareness

Everything is made of energy—you, the stuff around you, and even your thoughts and your emotions—and energy has a frequency, measured in waves. Think about all the different wave patterns we are already aware of, such as radio waves, gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and visible light rays. These waves carry different information and can be received at different frequencies. So do your words, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and dreams. They all carry energy, and, thus, a frequency.

In the new energy there are many more frequencies available to us, all carrying rich and complex attributes of reality. And we are more and more opening up to our capacity to receive this information from these different layers of reality. By fine-tuning ourselves to this wide range of information available to us, we can perceive a reality that is inclusive of all of it.

The cards will support your capacity

to fine-tune your awareness

and become a powerful

conscious creator.


160 page guide book

Words are a powerful guide on the journey from the loud and bold outward world into the inward world of feelings, energy, and subtleties. Like a lifeline into the abyss, words are helpful for the mind to hang onto while entering the unknown. Words light up the path for the mind to follow and relax. When we intellectually understand something, when we “get it,” we accept it as real and our conscious, thinking mind relaxes. The most powerful way of making changes is when the conscious mind and the subconscious mind work together in harmony. When the thinking mind relaxes (and is comfortable), the path into the realm of the subconscious lights up for us to follow.

Each cards comes with an image and a written description that will invite your conscious mind to think some new thoughts nd make new energetic connections. The descriptions invite you to look at each image a little differently and see layers you may not have noticed before, allowing you to discover new attributes of a concept and apply it to the reality that you wish to create.

Together, the images and the words activate you toward a more expanded consciousness—so you can create more balance and harmony in your life.


How to use the Activation cards

If you have ever worked with an oracle card deck before, you probably know that there are many different ways to use it. This deck is no different. And whether you are a very experienced card reader or a beginner doesn’t matter; there is no “wrong” way of working with these Activations (that’s your left/analytical brain kicking in).

Drawing cards is based on the law of attraction: you will draw the ones that match the vibration of your question or intention. You cannot make any mistakes, as any and every card you draw is significant. All you have to do is allow the image(s) to speak to your subconscious. And the descriptions that come with every Activation will gently invite your conscious mind to think some new thoughts as well.

the art in

your home

Choose from over 40 different Activations – in print or as an oracle deck – to enjoy on a daily basis.

prints & cards
prints & cards
Perfect for any altar or wall, available with and without a hard back, these prints are vibrant, alive and UV coated!
oracle card deck
oracle card deck
Discover the language of your soul with this 44-card deck and160 page booklet with descriptions and instructions.

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