SOUL Sessions

Take a look into the mirror of your soul

Who are you truly?
You beyond your physical body?
What is your Soul Purpose?

Imagine to have a constant reminder on your wall of who you really are. On a SOUL level.

The you that is amazing, talented, unlimited and powerful.

A VISUAL AFFIRMATION of the real you. You beyond your physical body, expressed in shapes, colors and symbology. 


The creation of a Soul Portrait is a journey into your soul. It starts with an initial SOUL CONNECTION session in which we explore you, your vision and all the amazing and powerful skills and qualities your soul carries.

I take all this information into the actual creation of the portrait as I combine all of it towards an expression of the energetic masterpiece that you are.

During the creation of your portrait I will intuitively receive a ton of additional information about you and your soul contract this lifetime. All of it will be expressed in your portrait, as well as in an extensive written description and personal reading that you receive with your portrait.

Soul Portrait - MIRROR OF THE SOUL


a soul portrait includes:



We will drive in deep. We will explore who you really are, your dreams, your visions, the things that are working for you, and the things that are holding you back. I will tune into you on a vibrational level so I can get a sense of you beyond my thinking mind as well. This is an energetic connection that I will make with you so I can open the paths for the multidimensional information to come in. I will translate all this information into your sacred geometry Soul Portrait during the creation phase.

Session in person or over ZOOM. App. 45 minutes



This is the actual creation of your Soul Portrait. After our connection session, I will dive into the world of subtle energies and begin the journey with your soul so I can bring through its expression in sacred geometry, colors, symbology, and numerology. This is a sacred dance between your soul and mine. You might find you think of me during this phase quite often, as my consciousness will be connecting to yours.

App. 2 weeks


WRITTEN explanation & READING

Once the image of the portrait has come through, I will spend time to look and listen to the story it wants to tell me. You will receive an in-depth description of the meanings, imagery, colors, symbology and numerology. In addition, I will explain the soul aspects to you and how it all applies to your personal journey.



We will set up a time where I can reveal your Soul Portrait to you and share everything that I discovered and found.

Session in person or over ZOOM. App. 45 minutes


Your portrait on CANVAS

All Activations are printed on gallery mounted CANVAS. The colors are rich, deep and popping. The result is a gorgeous, eye-catching piece of art, that holds the high vibration of the Activation and will change the energy and flow of any space.

Included in the purchase of your personal Soul Activation / Portrait is a 30″x 30″ canvas. Of course, you can choose any size print on canvas or other material that you want, pricing for this is charged separately.

Sizes range from 12″x 12″ to a stunning 48″x 48″



Having the Portrait on your wall is a constant reminder of who you really are and what your full potential is. The Soul Portrait will keep you aligned with your highest expression. Every time you look at it is an activation towards being the absolute best that you can possible be. You will continue to discover new layers in your portrait as you continue to unravel more aspects of yourself. It is a synchronized dance between your consciousness and the multidimensional language of the sacred geometry of your Soul Portrait. Sacred geometry is the LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL. And the communication is never-ending.

About 3 weeks after you receive your Soul Portrait on canvas we will connect and look at what is coming up for you now that you have your portrait around on a daily basis. We will dive in to see how we can fine-tune the alignment between your vision and your life.

Session in person or over ZOOM. App. 45 minutes



My clients have a vision for their lives, and they are passionate about transformation. They want to go deep and live with purpose.  They want to BE their full potential.

Alexander Ryker

Next Level Coaches

Lon has the beautiful gift to see people for who they truly are. And, not only to reflect that back to them in the form of words, but express it in three-dimensional shapes, colors and Sacred Geometry. She gives you an actual visual representation of your soul essence. Every time I look at my portrait I feel truly seen and understood and I am constantly ignited to be and live that highest potential of myself.

Siobhan Wilcox

Home Harmonizer

Having my Soul Portrait created by Lon was a magical experience and has helped me to reach a new level of success. I now have a deeper understanding of the expression that my soul is holding in the larger consciousness and the work that I am here to do. I love to meditate with my Soul Portrait regularly. I find that if I ever get stuck or insecure about my work that once I sit with this reflection of myself I am fully engaged again.

Jenna Philips Ballard

Ascension Leadership Academy

Wow, just WOW! I didn’t realize the magnitude of this experience. There aren’t enough words to describe the feeling, but I am truly in awe of my Soul Portrait. Lon’s work is healing the planet. Her art is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t be happier with our choice to work with her. When I look at my portrait I truly feel that that is absolutely me. It is such an honor to be a part of what she is creating for the planet!


Couples Special

Do you want to know what you and your partner look like together?

Do you wonder how your souls match up?

I am now offering a special for couples.  When you order both of your Soul Portraits 

You get 15% DISCOUNT on the total purchase



Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry refers to the fact that we find the same geometric proportions, ratios and measurements everywhere in creation, whether it be organic life, music, language, art, and even the cosmos itself.  At the very core all building blocks are the same, following the same rules, repeating the same patterns.  Even you are geometry at the core level: your cellular and atomic structure, and your DNA.

Because we are sacred geometry at our core, we feel intrinsically drawn to sacred geometry design.  It feels like home. It speaks to us beyond our conscious mind. On a soul level.  And that’s why we can use it to communicate with our subconscious.

Start the journey into YOUR soul today!

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